Accelerating Operations Performance

Fast, measurable, lasting

Axisto accelerates the rollout of your strategic agenda through operations excellence:

  • 100% alignment of the daily execution with your strategic goals
  • development and implementation of future-proof (digital) solutions that improve your cash flow, working capital and EBITDA
  • development of data-savvy employees who feel they are co-owners of the company and its results

Operations Excellence consists of two sets of characteristics – constant & constantly changing – both of which exist simultaneously. Quality of management plays an overarching role in achieving Operations Excellence.



The operating model* and the prevailing attitudes and behaviours are at all times in line with the vision, strategy and ambition of the company.


Employees at all levels feel they are co-owners of the company, the vision and the results achieved.

Transparency & insights:

Business performance and how it is achieved are transparent and understood.

Continuous elimination of bottlenecks:

There is a relentless drive to eliminate performance bottlenecks.

Constantly changing

Continuously changing playing field:

Demographic, technological and economic developments ensure a continuously changing playing field. Companies must constantly review and adjust their position and the value they deliver to their stakeholders.

Continuously developing operations:

Products, services, the operating model* and employee skills are continuously evolving.


Progressive leading-edge digitisation is essential to remain competitive and relevant.

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We tell it as it is. We are down to earth, open and honest. We strive to demonstrate these behaviours in everything we do.


We are genuinely interested in people and respect them for who they are. People feel comfortable sharing their issues with us.


Our work is always collaborative. We respect each other’s differences and thrive on diversity. We partner with you in addressing your challenges.


Once we start on a job we continue until we have succeeded. We are passionate about what we do and never give up.

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