Purpose of the Business Change Mentor

Change and improvement is difficult. Only 30% of initiatives are successful. The goal of the Business Change Mentor is to enable you to independently deliver successful improvement projects. The Business Change Mentor ensures that you:

  • deliver all project objectives quickly, on time and completely
  • realise operational and financial improvements – and that they take root
  • have employees who feel they are co-owners of the business and the results
  • proceed immediately from improvement project to continuous improvement
  • get external support where it is necessary


It has been a trend for some time that companies want to carry out their change and improvement projects independently as much as possible, calling in external support only where necessary. COVID-19 has accelerated this trend.

COVID-19 has also created more pressure to change: to face problems or to seize new opportunities. In addition, COVID-19 requires that any external support be arranged online as much as possible.

How does the Business Change Mentor add value?

The Business Change Mentor (bcmentor.com) offers you an online change approach that has proven to be successful in hundreds of projects – timely and complete delivery of results that are sustainable – and 95% of these achieved their intended objectives on time, in full and within budget.

Experienced mentors are available to support you online, or in the field where necessary, allowing you to independently carry out a high-quality improvement project and make it a lasting success.


Visit www.bcmentor.com for more information, and contact us to explore the possibilities for you – Master Your Change Challenge!