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In today’s world, strategies are rarely unique. The real determinant of competitive advantage is the ability to implement a strategy quickly and reliably.
This is where your ambition is realised, and this is where we have our core competence.

Rapidly turning your strategy into sustainably improved performance.

In today’s world, strategies are rarely unique. The real determinant of competitive advantage is the ability to implement a strategy quickly and reliably. We ensure you can turn your strategy into improved performance rapidly by improving alignment, ownership, discipline and focus and by preventing excessive complexity. Working alongside you, we manage careful adaptations based on changing conditions throughout the implementation.

Implementing your strategy is transforming your company and requires an integrated “hard–soft” approach. Therefore, we address both your operating model and your culture. We partner with you to build an organisation that is aligned with the strategy and has a strong ownership mindset. We transform the way you work and build your in-house capabilities for sustainable growth.

Our values


We tell it as it is. We are down to earth, open and honest. We strive to demonstrate these behaviours in everything we do.


We are genuinely interested in people and respect them for who they are. People feel comfortable sharing their issues with us.


Our work is always collaborative. We respect each other’s differences and thrive on diversity. We partner with you in addressing your challenges.


Once we start on a job we continue until we have succeeded. We are passionate about what we do and never give up.

Our approach

We deploy our distinct Operational Performance Builder®, to deliver sustainable change and lasting performance improvement:


All successful change management initiatives start at the top, deploying targets top-down. We combine this with a bottom-up analysis of the “as-is” situation involving all organisational layers to provide fact-based insights and carefully aligning the organisation in the process.


For business success, a company’s internal business processes need to be synchronised with the entrepreneurial activities on the outside. We analyse the de-facto business processes and explore what is strong and must be kept as well as what needs to change.


We run the implementation as a project within a clear, measurable, performance improvement context. We develop more effective behaviour of (key) people in the organisation from within and lasting business benefits are delivered.

Focus on behaviour

One of the most important lessons learned from successful business transformations is that culture is everything. In cases where change has been unsustainable, the reason is often because the existing culture was not taken into account when designing the change effort.

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