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Faster new product introductions


Manufacturer of complex components

  • Strong market position and the ambition to grow significantly.
  • However, their New Product Development and Introduction (NPI) lead times were way to slow to enable the growth.


Take a leap step in NPI-cycle time reduction.

Lean Six Sigma (the company is highly skilled in this) didn’t enable them to tackle the problem.


  • Engineering, Operations and Supply Chain formed an integrated team for the assignment.
  • The plan was to visualise the customer journey for a sample request from the customer’s point of view. This was a challenge as the data was scattered across multiple sources. Once the case identifier to track individual cases was identified, the full customer journey could be visualised through process mining.
  • The bottlenecks were identified and a new NPI-process was designed and introduced without adversely affecting the on-time production performance of the normal production.

New NPI process designed and introduced

75% reduction in NPI lead time from 51 days to 15 days

Great insight into how Axisto Process Mining® enhances Lean Six Sigma (LSS) to deliver results that are not possible with the “classic” LSS tool set