Meet the team

We are seasoned professionals and deploy our rich knowledge and experience to make sure you master your business challenges. Our drive is to see you succeed and to co-create a company that flourishes in the eyes of all stakeholders.

Meet the team

We are seasoned professionals and deploy our rich knowledge and experience to make sure you master your business challenges. Our drive is to see you succeed and to co-create a company that flourishes in the eyes of all stakeholders.

  • Henk de Jong
    Henk de Jong

    Henk is an engineer who believes that excellence is ultimately achieved through working with people and supporting them to ensure they succeed. He is a technical and pragmatic thinker who exudes optimism and sees opportunities in every challenge. In pursuing goals, his enthusiasm is contagious and energises those around him.

    Outside of work, you’ll find Henk on his early morning run, enjoying time with his family or engaging in his passion for photography.

  • Michael van Geene
    Michael van Geene

    With more than 25 years of line management and consulting experience in contact centres, telecom, online retail and IT, Michael thrives in environments with constant change, high pressure and a strong fusion of people and technology. His experience and insight enable him to get to the heart of a problem quickly and make major, lasting improvements.

    Michael is fun to work with. He involves people positively in the change, thus achieving deep local ownership for his clients. His experience in corporate knowledge management and training is key when developing and securing knowledge in the organisation.

  • Emmy Dudok
    Emmy Dudok

    Emmy is a business process scientist with a Master in Business Information Systems. She has carried out a large number of process mining assignments within sectors such as healthcare, financial and business services, government and energy companies. Emmy has helped her clients with deep process insight, implementation of process and performance improvements, and monitoring. Raising enthusiasm for business process intelligence and empowering organizations to implement it themselves is her mission.

    Emmy has strong communication skills and a high analytical mind; this way she can easily build a bridge between business and IT. She is a team player who finds it important to develop others. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she knows how to motivate others well.

  • Lisanne van de Weerdhof
    Lisanne van de Weerdhof

    With a background in communications, Lisanne is a captivating storyteller. She searches for a company’s DNA and ensures all actions taken by the company are aligned. She brings core values alive, making them meaningful by finding examples of the values in action. Lisanne’s work enhances communications and supports behavioural change.

    Outside of work, you’ll find Lisanne engrossed in books, studying Jung, watching films or chatting with friends over a glass of red wine.

  • Marcel van der Meulen
    Marcel van der Meulen

    Marcel comes from a long career in one of the toughest team building and leadership environments the world has to offer: the armed forces. He is a good listener with an easygoing manner, and his sense of humour always brings out the best in people and gives them the confidence to change.

    Outside of work, you’ll find Marcel either enjoying various sports, including mountaineering, climbing, skiing and running, or spending time with his family and walking the dogs.

  • Bart van Kalkeren
    Bart van Kalkeren

    Bart has a strong track record with often complex projects for various clients in the circular economy in Europe. He is focused on end to end processes, which he optimally sets up to meet the high expectations of customers well and efficiently. He builds constructive working relationships at all levels of the standing organisation and thus manages to achieve a strong alignment between both people and departments along the end to end process.

    Bart quickly gains respect through his knowledge, insight and dedication and has managed to develop into an asked sounding board for companies with issues in the circular economy. Clients experience him as enthusiastic and a conceptual and structured thinker, who knows how to easily take people along in a change process.

  • Martijn Bisschop
    Martijn Bisschop

    With a background in international marketing, Martijn applies his creative flair and out-of-the-box thinking to deliver operational and financial improvements for clients’ businesses. He likes to find different ways of doing things, which means working with him is never dull.

    Outside of work, you’ll find Martijn in the deep blue sea on one of his scuba-diving adventures, enjoying great food or sampling his large selection of fine wines and whiskies.

  • Ewald Kapeller
    Ewald Kapeller

    With an MBA in Leadership and Sustainability, Ewald’s life wisdom is “Nothing is so bad that it’s not good for something”, and his life motto follows Henry Ford’s: “Don’t find fault; find a remedy.” His pragmatism and belief in people help him achieve sustainable change even with change-resistant people, and his aversion to the word “impossible” helps him realise his goals.

    Outside of work, you’ll find Ewald in a boat, on his skis, playing golf – or simply reading or watching a good film.

  • Zouhair El-Maroudi
    Zouhair El-Maroudi

    Zouhair’s grounding is in aeronautical engineering and business management. He specialises in maintenance management, which he sees as not just a job but also a way of breathing, eating and living. His passion is evident when working with teams to solve real problems.

    Outside of work, you’ll find Zouhair at a football game, watching films or improving his personal MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) by carrying out strenuous activities in his fitness routine.

  • Barbara Wilson
    Barbara Wilson

    Barbara’s background is in operational research and process engineering. She has worked as a business consultant and analyst in the automotive, chemical, FMCG, food, energy and manufacturing sectors. She applies this experience by writing all forms of business communications.

    Outside of work, you’ll find Barbara playing sax and flute in various jazz bands and music ensembles, slapping paint onto large canvases or trail running on the cliffs near her home.

  • Henrico Kroek
    Henrico Kroek

    As a trainer and coach, Henrico’s attention is on human behaviour and getting the best out of people. His endless enthusiasm and dedication to improving people’s lives at work and his focus on delivering high-quality results make him an invaluable contributor in any performance improvement programme.

    Outside of work, you’ll find Henrico at one with nature, trail running, hiking with his family, growing vegetables or catching something tasty to eat.

  • Michiel Dekker
    Michiel Dekker

    Michiel is a mechanical engineer, and he loves the challenge of complex problems and systems. It gives him great satisfaction to combine the technical and people aspects in his work. He supports teams by helping them improve their processes, IT systems and maintenance management. Outside of work, you’ll find Michiel out in the fresh air, gardening or walking his dog, or at music concerts and festivals with his friends.

  • Pascal Hakkers
    Pascal Hakkers

    Pascal is a highly skilled IT-professional with more than 13 year experience in business process analysis and developing and implementing software solutions in multiple environments, including hosting providers, real estate, banking, transport, healthcare, wholesale and municipality. He is well in touch with the latest developments in technology and applications.

    Pascal has a broad RPA experience that include the development of a fully new RPA tool. He understands the market, the key players and the market developments. He designed, created and ensured adoption of RPA processes for resource planning system, pension customer validation, streamlining invoices, money transfers, credit card fraud checks, and more.

    Pascal is a team player, practical, down to earth. He is analytical, uses common sense and has a good feel for ‘what works here’; with a good eye for the human factor in IT-applications.

  • Ton Mens
    Ton Mens

    Ton is a business economist with over 30 years of experience in top financial positions within the accountancy, capital goods and FMCG industries, both listed and the larger family business. Thanks to his training and experience as a chartered accountant and chartered controller and his experience at various financial levels, he fully understands administrative processes.

    Ton always looks for the story and the process behind the figures, which is helped by a great interest in technology. He has led various ERP implementations and knows how important it is to understand both the process and the role of the people within the process, before it is automated.

Our values


We tell it as it is. We are down to earth, open and honest. We strive to demonstrate these behaviours in everything we do.


We are genuinely interested in people and respect them for who they are. People feel comfortable sharing their issues with us.


Our work is always collaborative. We respect each other’s differences and thrive on diversity. We partner with you in addressing your challenges.


Once we start on a job we continue until we have succeeded. We are passionate about what we do and never give up.

Our approach

We deploy our distinct Operational Performance Builder®, to deliver sustainable change and lasting performance improvement:


All successful change management initiatives start at the top, deploying targets top-down. We combine this with a bottom-up analysis of the “as-is” situation involving all organisational layers to provide fact-based insights and carefully aligning the organisation in the process.


For business success, a company’s internal business processes need to be synchronised with the entrepreneurial activities on the outside. We analyse the de-facto business processes and explore what is strong and must be kept as well as what needs to change.


We run the implementation as a project within a clear, measurable, performance improvement context. We develop more effective behaviour of (key) people in the organisation from within and lasting business benefits are delivered.

Focus on behaviour

One of the most important lessons learned from successful business transformations is that culture is everything. In cases where change has been unsustainable, the reason is often because the existing culture was not taken into account when designing the change effort.

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