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Operational Excellence

We bring in-depth operations expertise and capabilities to identify, design and deliver world-class solutions to support you in transforming your performance for a new competitive edge. We ensure high local ownership of changes and a performance improvement that sticks.

Enabling Growth

Various bottlenecks occur in operations when demand ramps up or new products are introduced. With our subject matter experts and Process Mining, we uncover all restraining issues in the end-to-end order fulfilment process. We de-complex the situation and, together with you, we co-create and implement tailor made solutions.

We use Process Mining

Implementing tailor made solutions


Cost Transformation

We take a zero-based approach to costs. Starting from your strategy, we identify which activities must be performed and how often – and which activities you can stop, simplify or aggregate. Additionally, we explore where you can redefine demand for activities. Both processes and organisation are restructured, whilst ensuring that a strong cost mindset is developed.

Based on your strategy

Step change in EHS

Today’s EHS problems are hardly ever caused by insufficient rules and regulations. Your EHS performance improves if people behave more safely. Our approach is based on the theory of brain-based safety and is set in your day-to-day working environment. Together with your people, we describe effective behaviour and target peoples’ visible behaviour in the context of improving leading EHS indicators.


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