High-tech equipment manufacturer

  • Production of low-volume highly complex machines consisting of many subassemblies.
  • ach machine needs testing prior to acceptance by the client.
  • The test process is a complex, knowledge-intense process, and testing takes several weeks at both sites.


As the company operates in a market where time-to-market of system enhancements and new system types is critical, the goal was to significantly reduce the test period.


  • Axisto Process MiningĀ® was conducted on a batch of 24 machines.
  • As the goal was to shorten the test process, the focus of the analysis was on idle times and rework in the process event log.
  • A performance analysis was conducted to find unnecessary idle times:
    Based on the logged test sequences, a process model was constructed automatically that showed how the test process had been executed for these 24 machines.
  • The resulting visualisation of the rework provided the insights on which the test process was organised differently.

Significant (*) reduction in test lead time

(*) The company qualifies the information as strategic and not to be shared.

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