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Rapidly growing demand had caused production output to collapse (40% to 60% of the products exploded). Unavailability of product was having a significant impact on profits of customers. There was immense pressure from both customers and the top level of the organisation. The growth was so fast that the company didn’t have the time to design robust production equipment – instead, it continued to install production lines that were in fact R&D lines.


  • We assembled a multidisciplinary team and conducted a Quick Scan to design an approach based on 6-Sigma tools and best practice operations management.
    During the Implementation, we ran two main work streams in parallel: one focused on finding and eliminating the root cause of the explosions and the second focused on installing proper production management. Within 6 months the explosions were reduced from 40–60% to 0.5% and a well-aligned operating model was designed, installed and operational. We took an additional 2 months to ensure the changes were sustainable.

Equipment availability up from 70% to 80%

Product failures down from 40–60% to 0.5%

Production efficiency up by 86%

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