We all want our businesses to grow quickly, but rapid growth often causes problems if it’s not managed properly. Consider three example: (1) Following a slump, demand comes back suddenly – but your processes are not robust to cope, (2) You launch a new product or service – but it’s more successful that you’d anticipated and you can’t meet demand, (3) A latent market is unlocked – but it happens quickly and you’re not prepared.

Sudden growth can often bring unexpected problems: quality drops, productivity plummets, delivery times become unreliable, the very foundations of your operation turn out to be not that robust and start to crumble. Action must be taken. Axisto can help you to turn things around quickly: we identify and address root causes; firmly establish the management of business processes, clarify roles and responsibilities, create a lean and effective meeting and reporting structure, and coach people in key positions to effectively fulfil their role. This way, Axisto is able to quickly and permanently bring the situation under control – and growth can be embraced.